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Intermediate Emergency Operations Center Functions (VTG-2300)

This Is A Virtual Offering:

The E/L/G 2300 Intermediate Emergency Operations Center Functions is a three-day course with the goal of assisting individuals and jurisdictions who desire to develop or improve their Emergency Operation Centers (EOC). By the end of the course, students will be able to demonstrate, through activities and a Final Exam, the managerial and operational roles of the modern-day EOC as a NIMS Command and Coordination functional group operating within a Multiagency Coordination System (MACS).

Selection Criteria:

The intended audience(s) are federal, state, tribal, territorial, local level, business and nongovernmental emergency management personnel who may be designated to support an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) within their jurisdiction or organization. The materials were developed with the assumption that audience members may have little or no actual experience as a member of an EOC Staff.

The audience may include students from a variety of agencies, organizations and functional disciplines, including fire service, law enforcement, emergency management, public works departments, as well as public health organizations, medical emergency teams, and hospitals, businesses and non-governmental organizations

National Incident Management System (NIMS) Emergency Operations Center training should be completed by personnel who are regularly assigned to positions within an EOC or by those persons who desire to seek qualification and certification in an EOC position or function.

Course Objectives

  • Explain the EOC’s critical link to the other NIMS Command and Coordination Structures.
  • Identify EOC staffing solutions by aligning EOC Skillsets to common EOC structures.
  • Explain the planning, operational and resourcing functions of the EOC.
  • Using a scenario, identify the essential elements of information (EEI) that support EOC decision making and information sharing.
  • Using a scenario identify changes in EOC activation level, staffing, resources and information requirements for an expanding incident.
  • Identify the role of an EOC during the transition to recovery.
  • Explain the location, design, equipment and technology considerations for the EOC.

Mission Areas

  • Respond
Date(s)  Mon. Apr 19, 2021 1300-1700 
Tue. Apr 20, 2021 0800-1700 
Wed. Apr 21, 2021 0800-1700 
Thu. Apr 22, 2021 0800-1700 
Location Online Delivery - See Offering Specific Information for details, OTHER
Google Map
Handicap Accessibility No
WiFi Access  
Offered By North Carolina Division of Emergency Management 
Primary Instructor Winn, William 
Course Length 5 days 
Course Hours 24 
Prerequisites Virtual Student WebEx Training (VTS-101)
IS-100, IS-2200, IS-700, IS-800 Recommend: IS-200 G-191

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Please be sure to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for your web browser to ensure more functionality for WebEx. Additionally, cellular devices and iPads are not fully supported for features such as breakout rooms. A laptop/desktop is required to receive credit for the course. You may call in via a phone or mobile device, but must have access to a laptop/desktop to engage.

Maximum Participants 30
# Open Seats 0
# on Wait List 2

Offering Specific Information


Thank you for your interest in taking a virtual course sponsored by NCEM. Below are a few friendly reminders that will ensure you receive all information:

  • As a reminder, the NCEM Virtual Student WebEx Training (VTS-101) course is a required prerequisite for any and all virtual courses. You only have to complete this course once.
  • All communication, including the WebEx Meeting invite will be sent to the email you have on file at a minimum 3 days before the course begins. Please be sure it is updated and check it periodically so as to not miss important information.
  • Please be sure to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for your web browser to ensure more functionality for WebEx Meetings. Cellular devices and iPads are not fully supported for features such as breakout rooms.
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NCEM is not providing meal or lodging reimbursement for this offering.

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