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Event Description

Man Tracking - Tactical Tracking Operations (NC-8122)

To instruct Search and Rescue (SAR) personnel, Law Enforcement, and other personnel with first response capability in man tracking a person in a wilderness environment during both day and night time conditions utilizing tactical operations to safely and securely move, track and locate the lost or evasive subject.

Training Objectives:

At the end of this block of instruction, the student will be able to work as a member of a tactical tracking team in a wilderness environment while using nature, terrain, and weather to their advantage while locating tracks, "sign" and other route disturbances left by a subject in passing.

1. Tactical tracking team member’s duties and responsibilities with situational awareness and knowledge of the operational area.

2. Team communications and camouflage and concealment.

3. Command team operations, duties and responsibilities.

4. Tactical tracking team formations and security considerations.

5. Categorizing the evader and tracking the evader (runaways, escaped convicts and terrorist).

6. Factors that affect evasion; preparation, opportunity, motivation and principles of evasion.

7. Lost track procedures day and night.

8. K-9 tracking team advantages and disadvantages.

9. Counter tracking techniques.

10. Search urgency determination.

Date(s)  Mon. Dec 02, 2019 0800-1800  
Tue. Dec 03, 2019 0800-2130  
Wed. Dec 04, 2019 0800-1800  
Thu. Dec 05, 2019 0800-1800  
Fri. Dec 06, 2019 0800-1800  
Sat. Dec 07, 2019 0800-UTC 
Location Jones Lake State Park Training Center - Bladen County
4117 NC 242 North, Elizabethtown NC 28337 
Google Map
Handicap Accessibility Yes
WiFi Access  
ESF ESF9 - Search and Rescue
Functional Areas Emergency Services
Offered By Bladen County 
Primary Instructor Williams, Charles A. 
Additional Instructors Osborne, Andrew   
Course Length 60 hrs 
Course Hours 60 
Maximum Participants 30
# Open Seats 30
# on Wait List 1

Offering Specific Information

Cousre POC: Gary Turlington with Bladen County Sheriff’s Office

For billeting contact Gary Turlington.

(910) 418-4552

Address for billet is 5853 US Hwy 701N  Elizabethtown, 28337

Students will need to bring their carbine or shotgun on day three of the class. Dress for the environment. No live fire. Tactical field gear for the second half of the class as per department. Training schedule will be gone over on day one.   |   |  HelpDesk: 919-825-2574   |  Email TERMS Helpdesk