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Event Description

Wilderness Search and Rescue - Land Navigation (NC-8148)

To instruct Search and Rescue (SAR), Law Enforcement, and other personnel with first response capability to a missing person incident, how to navigate across unfamiliar terrain in a wilderness environment during day time conditions in order to safely and securely move, track and locate the lost or evasive subject.

At the end of this block of instruction, the student will be able to navigate across unfamiliar terrain in a wilderness environment while using terrain association, a map, and compass, to report accurately their location and locations of clues leading to the location of the Lost Subject.

1. Know and understand the definition and purpose of a map and describe map types, categories, and scales.

2. Be able to locate on a map where to find out information regarding the map using marginal information and symbols.

3. Know how to determine and report positions on the ground in terms of their locations on a map.

4. Understand the definition of an azimuth / bearing and the three different North’s and know how to determine magnetic azimuths with a compass, the declination diagram, and the conversion of an azimuth to a back azimuth.

5. Be able to determine distance on a map and on the ground.

6. Describe the compass and its uses as well as the process in using a compass to orient a map for land navigation.

7. Know how to use intersection and resection as tools to locate one’s location and or the lost subjects.

8. Be able to determine the elevation and relief on a topographic map.

9. Know how to conduct route planning, navigating around obstacles, terrain association use, and night navigation.

10. Know what a GPS is and how it works and understand basic GPS functions and be able to set up a GPS for navigational use with a map.

Date(s)  Thu. Aug 22, 2019 1800-2100 
Fri. Aug 23, 2019 1800-2100 
Sat. Aug 24, 2019 0800-2200 
Sun. Aug 25, 2019 0800-1700 
Location Pensacola Volunteer Fire Department - Yancey County
8955 NC-197, Burnsville NC 28714 
Google Map
Handicap Accessibility Yes
WiFi Access  
Offered By Yancey County 
Primary Instructor Williams, Charles A. 
Additional Instructors osborne, andy   
Course Length 30 hrs 
Course Hours 30 
Maximum Participants 35
# Open Seats 35
# on Wait List 0

Offering Specific Information

Training day and night in all weather conditions.  Consist of classroom and field work.  Students will need to bring an orienteering compass and a 24,000 grid reader.


Jeff Howell, Yancey County EM

828-678-9266   |   |  Emergency Management Program's HelpDesk: 919-825-2574   |  NCEM Email   |  Healthcare Program's HelpDesk: 919-855-3812   |  OEMS Email