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Event Description

The Senior Officials Workshop for All-Hazards Preparedness (MGT-312)

The Senior Officials Workshop for All-Hazards Preparedness course, intended for local jurisdiction elected and appointed senior officials, provides a forum to discuss strategic and executive-level issues related to all-hazards disaster preparedness, to share proven strategies and best practices, and to enhance coordination among jurisdiction officials responsible for emergency response and recovery from a disaster. This executive workshop integrates a multimedia scenario, and vignettes that highlights key issues and facilitates executive-level discussion of the United States' National Strategy for Homeland Security. Additionally, the forum provides an opportunity to apply lessons learned from past local and national disasters.


At the conclusion of the course, participants will:

  • Have an increased understanding of the roles and responsibilities of senior and elected officials across a broad range of complex preparedness challenges.

  • Have evaluated federal, state, and local relationships as defined by the National Response Framework (NRF).

  • Explain the need for efficient organizational structure in support of preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.

  • Analyze the effectiveness of their Emergency Operation Plan by applying it to a locally relevant scenario.

  • Have examined other locally relevant policy considerations related to preparedness, response, and recovery.

  • Summarize the salient points of the workshop and initiate the process of developing an Action Plan.

Date(s)  Wed. Jan 08, 2020 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM 
Location Charlotte Fire Headquarters
500 Dalton Avenue, Charlotte NC 28206 
Google Map
Building/Room Main floor meeting room 
Handicap Accessibility No
WiFi Access  
ESF ESF2 - Communications, ESF3 - Public Works and Engineering, ESF4 - Firefighting, ESF5 - Emergency Management, ESF8 - Public Health and Medical Services, ESF10 - Hazardous Materials, ESF13 - Law Enforcement
Functional Areas Emergency Management / Planning
Offered By Metrolina Healthcare Preparedness Region 
Primary Instructor FED, Direct Delivery 
Course Length 1 Day 
Course Hours
Target Audience Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Service, Healthcare, Hazardous Materials, Law Enforcement, Public Health, Public Safety Communications, Private Sector / Corporate Security and Safety Professionals, Public Works 
Maximum Participants 40
# Open Seats 40
# on Wait List 3

Offering Specific Information

This workshop provides a forum for Senior Officials to understand strategic and executive-level issues related to all-hazard disaster preparedness.

The following is the target audience:

  • Elected Officials
  • Senior Appointed Officials
  • Emergency Management Directors (Including Hospital, Public Health)
  • Educational Institution Administration
  • Public and Private Sector Executives
  • Chiefs/ Department Heads
  • Public Health Officials
  • Non-Governmental Organizations Directors / leadership (NGOs)
  • State / Federal Agency Representatives
  • Public Information Officers
  • Hospital Leadership Officials

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