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Wilderness Law Enforcement Operations (NC-8149)

Course is designed for officer whose jurisdictional areas include remote wilderness in North Carolina. Course focuses on scenarios of tactical tracking through wilderness environments, surveillance, and securing / processing a crime scene in such environments.  Emphasis is on safety, officer survival, and small unit law enforcement operations in wilderness settings. This course was developed to prepare law enforcement to work in the remote areas of NC and/or pursue a suspect off road where additional support is not possible in a timely manner.   

Target venues will be law enforcement, officers / rangers from NC State Parks, National Park and US Forest Service lands in the Blue Ridge Parkway / Pisgah National Forest land mass. There are no course pre-requisites, however, all participants should be in physical condition for arduous duty and be able to work/operate an entire day in remote environments without any outside support regardless of weather conditions. 

Topics covered in this course include: Survival, Equipment considerations, Introduction to hazardous terrain crossings, Basic wilderness medical operations, Tactical tracking, Wilderness surveillance operations, and Securing/processing a crime scene in a wilderness setting. This course includes live fire scenarios. Packing list will be provided to all students prior to the course.

Date(s)  Mon. Jan 28, 2019 0800 hrs - 
Tue. Jan 29, 2019 
Wed. Jan 30, 2019 
Thu. Jan 31, 2019 
Fri. Feb 01, 2019 - 1800 hrs 
Location NCFS Mountain Training Facility _ B.H. Corpening Training Facility - Avery Count
6065 Linville Falls Highway, Crossnore NC 28616 
Google Map
Handicap Accessibility Yes
WiFi Access Yes
ESF ESF13 - Law Enforcement
Functional Areas Emergency Services
Offered By North Carolina Division of Emergency Management 
Primary Instructor Hawkins, Bruce Hadley 
Additional Instructors Anzalone, Eddie john 
Coleman, Jason Kent 
Smith, Chad   
Course Length 5 days 
Course Hours 40 
Attachments WLEO Equipment List

Offering Specific Information

This course is open to active law enforcement officers only. Due to the high interest in this course, all students will be waitlisted upon registration. Preference will be given to local, state, and federal law enforcement officers who respond to wilderness areas or have the potential to support law enforcement operations in wooded environments; however, this course is applicable to any law enforcement officer who could pursue a subject into wooded areas. This course will provide key officer survival skills when pursuing a subject in a wooded enviroment.

This course is physically and mentally demanding and students should be prepared to work in all weather environments. Proper clothing systems are also critical to safety in this course. Cotton materials may be required due to uniform requirements, however every attempt should be made to limit if not completely remove any cotton components of your clothing system. A full annotated equipment list is attached and students who are missing items should contact instructor cadre for guidance. Students will be required to provide ammunition for their duty weapons as this is a live fire course.

Course costs, lodging, and meals will be provided by NC Emergency Management. If anyone wishes to commute or has questions concerning this course, please email Brian Barnes at: .   |   |  Emergency Management Program's HelpDesk: 919-825-2574   |  NCEM Email   |  Healthcare Program's HelpDesk: 919-855-3812   |  OEMS Email