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Coastal Hazard Awareness (AWR-379)

This one-day awareness-level training course provides an overview of the
the hazards facing coastal communities. Examples of these hazards are
short term events such as high surf, storm surge, and tsunami
inundation, or long term threats from sea level rise and coastal erosion.
As an awareness-level course, this course provides participants a general
understanding of the risks associated with coastal hazards, introduce
methods of assessing that risk, and describe tools to help prepare for,
plan for, and reduce those risks to coastal communities. 
Date(s)  Tue. Jan 19, 2021 1300-1700 
Wed. Jan 20, 2021 1300-1700 
Location Online Delivery
See Offering Specific Information for details, OTHER NC 
Google Map
Handicap Accessibility Yes
WiFi Access  
Offered By University of Hawaii 
Primary Instructor FED, Direct Delivery 
Course Length  
Course Hours
Maximum Participants 25
# Open Seats 25
# on Wait List 0
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